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Onsuwoom LPPSS Stone

(Lower the Raised Pelvis and Straighten the Spine)

This product is a natural hot porcelain for proper spinal care, created with the fingertips of a potter by capturing the hot energy of the earth as it is, for the  gentle curve and proper alignment of the spine.

This product stabilizes pelvis downward and helps to manage a healthy spine by aligning the spine in correct position. At the beginning and end of the day, after fully loading your body weight on the stone, enjoy taking a rest with its hot-pack effect. You'll end up with a healthier and more energetic spine. (Patented for its unique design)

<Tips for selecting height>

Comfortable Height (Low) : Recommended for those who usually have a weak back, spine, etc. Also for those who are old or need constant care. 

● Healthy Height (Basic) : Recommended for those who do not have a weak waist or spine. Also for those who are healthy and want to have a refreshing sensation. 


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