Onsuwoom Korean Herbal Eye Mask

Onsuwoom's Premium Herbal Eye Mask

It's a gift for your eyes that have worked like a horse all day.

This is Onsuwoom's Premium Oriental Herbal hotpack Eye Mask, which will revitalize your tired and stimulated eyes and keep them healthy. With the advice and consultation from Dr. Jinyoung Park of Youngjin Oriental Clinic, we have created our special oriental herbal recipes by generously adding oriental medicinal herbs and grains. With natural grains, natural herbal ingredients, and naturally dyed fabrics, it will provide your eyes and skin with comfortable healing experience. 

Every night, embark on a healing journey amidst the scent of oriental medicine!

This product includes the eye mask, an eye mask cover (washable) and a storage pouch.


생활한방브랜드 穩온수움

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