Bareun cervical pillow(long)

Onsuwoom Bareun cervical pillow

(Long Size)

It's the cervical pillow that can help stretch the neck, back, and even the waist. A pillow you use everyday affects the balance of your entire spine. For the balance of the healthy spine, During long sleep hours, this special pillow helps maintain a proper C curve of your cervical spine and a gentle rib cage without bending the thoracic spine.  

- A patented pillow designed after the healthy C curve of the cervical spine. 

- Hardness that doesn't collapse. 

- A pillow that stretches out your shoulders and back. 

● Low pillow (about 5.5cm)

A low cervical spine pillow anyone can use comfortably without straining the neck.

● Basic pillow (about 6.5cm)

A cervical pillow most suitable for general adults that finds your healthy C-curve.

● High pillow (about 7.0cm)

A high cervical pillow especially for people with a strong neck and a large physique.


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